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Who Is Psycho Shayar? Is Abhi Munde Known As Psycho Shayar, Viral Poetry Ram’s Poet Biography, Age, Net Worth And Lifestyle

The world of the Internet is quite interesting. Many intriguing things have happened daily and several people are getting popular with the help of this platform. One such personality has recently surfaced online whose fan following is huge and netizens are taking their interest to know about him. The personality is identified as Psycho Shayar. Not only the name but the personality and the profession of the person are quite interesting. By profession, Psycho Shayar is an Indian poet, comedian, and writer so, it is obvious for him to have a good number of followers who always wait to read or hear his work.

Who Is Psycho Shayar

Who Is Psycho Shayar? A Viral Poetry Ram’s Poet Real Name And Biography

This interest led them to learn more and more about him, even some are curious to know his real name as the assumption regarding his real name is quite high on social media. So who is Psycho Shayar and why do people adore him? Well, the real name of this Indian poet is Abhi Munde whose poetic style is quite popular among people. His talent is quite distinguished as he can make you laugh and cry at the same time. One of his poems recently went viral on the Internet which helped him to attract people towards his work.

The title of his recent viral poetry is “Ram” which is easily available to watch on his YouTube channel. Within a few days, his video has gotten around 1.6M views. As we all know the inauguration event of Ayodhya Ram Mandir is coming close, so it is obvious for the people to develop their interest in this subject. Nobody can deny the fact that we Indians are quite religious and when anything related to our God comes fore we often get interested in it. Now, due to that, his video has instant viral on other social media platforms which instigates people to look more about him.

Abhi Munde Is Also Known As Psycho Shayar

Abhi Munde aka Psycho Sayar hails from Maharashtra, Mumbai. The exact details of his birthdate are unknown but according to the source, he is 28 years old. Despite being a famous Internet personality not many details of his personal life are known at the moment. Our sources are trying to fetch more information about him and as soon as any details come to our notice we will share them here. Those who want to follow him on Instagram can get connected with his Instagram ID which goes by @psychoshayar.

Speaking about the subject of his latest viral video. In the video, he can be seen describing the meaning of Ram with a different perspective. He even mentions in the caption of the video “Some unseen aspects of lord Rama” which gives much insight into his content. We are advising our readers to go through with this video as it will help you to understand his perspectives.



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