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Who Is Prince Adrian Dagdag? A Tiktoker Video Goes Viral On Social Media, Biography And Age

Who is Prince Adrian Dagdag? Why people are showing their interest in this person? These questions are currently trending on social media directly or indirectly pulling the attention of the people. Maybe some of you are hearing his name for the first time, but those who are using TikTok are surely aware of his name. He is a famous TikTok star and Internet personality who often posts videos on his account. He usually posts his dance videos, funny content, and lip-sync videos which help him to attain a huge fan following. But this time, he is in the news for another reason.

Who Is Prince Adrian Dagdag

Who Is Prince Adrian Dagdag? Biography And Viral Video

Obviously due to his video but this time the content is different which makes this video placed on the top list. Some of his fans are quite disappointed with the content of his video and accuse him of hurting their sentiments. However, just like most social media stars, he is enjoying this negative publicity as well, as it is helping to add more and more numbers of followers. Now, those who have not watched the video yet are keen to know about the content along with some other details of his personal life. Let’s first talk about his latest controversy which instigates the netizens to look for his information. After that, we will talk about his personal life.

As we mentioned above, a rumor is getting viral on social media which claiming that his video has been uploaded online. Several online reports are claiming that in the viral video, he can be seen doing some spicy thing. Being a TikTok star, it is part of his content but this time matter is quite different as people are accusing him of posting 18+ content. Some are saying that it is a bogus rumor and that nothing like this has been posted online. Both these claims have caused debate and confusion on social media.  Those who claimed to have watched the video stated that the content was inappropriate to watch.

Prince Adrian Dagdag Biography And Age

However, it is hard to make any comment at the moment as no such video is available to watch at the moment. Looks like, It has been deleted from social media but some unauthorized websites are claiming to have the video. We are requesting our readers to not open such websites as they are just clickbait. Our sources are trying to gather valuable information regarding this matter and as soon as we get it, we will share it here. Now, it is time to know about him.

As we already mentioned above, he is a famous social media influencer who belongs from the Philippines. He mainly raised his fan following through TikTok and now getting popular on other social media platforms. On his TikTok account, he has accumulated 9 million fans. The 24-year-old star usually posts engaging content on his TikTok account and people love to watch him on the screen. Being a social media star, it is obvious for him to witness such kind of news.



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