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Ishura Action Anime Review: Release Date, Reveals New Visuals, Premiere Date, Cast, Trailer And Where To Watch

Every web series or film watcher often looks to watch new content. This is the reason that many people wait to watch new series, especially anime lovers. So, the wait is finally over, the much-anticipated series “Ishura” is all set to entertain the audience. The official poster and trailer of the anime are already out which is giving a glimpse into the series. This anime is fully packed with many action scenes which is enough to hold the interest of the people till its end. Only a day is left for its worldwide premiere and true anime lovers are desperately waiting to know all the details related to this upcoming series.

Ishura Action Anime Series

Ishura Action Anime Release Date, Anime Reas And Review

The official trailer of the highly anticipated action anime has already shared the release date and its streaming platform. Kadokawa released its official series on 26th December through his official YouTube channel. The trailer showcasing the anime will be available to watch on Wednesday, 3rd January 2023 at around 06:30 AM PT only on Hulu and Disney+. Takeo Takahashi is the director of this series who created this masterpiece with the help of Yuki Ogawa under the production houses of Passionate, Kadokawa, and Sanzigen.

This action adventure is a dark fantasy anime that is based on a world that is trembled by the unfortunate passing of a demon king. The death of this king has left behind his demigods who will be seen fighting for dominance. This anime will show a search to find a suitable or “True Hero” who has distinguished powers to handle the situation and has the potential to fight swiftly with enemies. The True Hero should have special powers, knowledge of legendary weapons most fearless never scared to die, and know how to turn a loss into victory.

Ishura Action Anime Series Cast And Trailer

The official trailer gives many insights into the anime and the official synopsis reads “A group of superhuman warriors who once fought together to end the reign of a demon king, now fight each other to see who is the strongest warrior.”

Yuki Kaji is giving voice to the main protagonist “Soujiro the Willow Sword”. Yuki is a notable Japanese singer and actor who is associated with the VIMS agency. He has given his voice to several famous animes and his fans are super excited to watch his magic.

The famous Japanese voice actress, Reina Ueda has given her voice to the character named “Yuno”. She is quite famous for her roles as Hane Sakura in “Bakuon”, Mira Yurisaki in “Dimension W” and so on.

Jun Fukuyama is also a famous Japanese voice actor who has spent 25 years in this industry. The 45-year-old voice actor is giving his voice to the character named “Alus the Star Runner”.

The other voice artists are:

  • Koichi Yamadera
  • Showtaro Morikubo
  • Soichiro Hoshi
  • Sora Amamiya
  • Aoi Yuki


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